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I know what yer thinkin. Money’s nice, but I like silver and gold better. Hey me too cuz it has real value. Once you get some of the cotton-paper stuff, then trade it in for the real stuff. That’s what I do. Call me a Maniac. I like being a Maniac. Feels good.

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First on the list is: The Clever YouTube Plugin

Obviously made by one CLEVER CAT !

Embed stylish YouTube videos on your website !

The Clever YouTube Plugin is a WordPress Plugin designed to take control of YouTube embedded Videos. Great for Marketing Presentations, informational displays, or just some eye candy.

Five ways to improve you-tube videos !

  1. Create beautiful thumbnail images !
  2. Control the video quality !
  3. Provide a call to action when the video ends !
  4. Make all your videos responsive !
  5. Add an exciting play button to separate you from the crowd !

Click on the 20 SECOND video below. It’s just a short RIDE !

Dont fail due to average, and ordinary results !

You need an affordable long term solution !

Don’t simply compete ! Dominate your space ! Lead the masses !

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