Do What ?

Do What other people are not willing to do. Notice I didn’t say do what they Cant do. I am talking about average people, Because average people only do what everyone else is doing.

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Most of us just do what are parents did. We do what our family and friends say to do. get a good job, Settle down. Get a house, and raise a family. The American dream right.

There’s nothing wrong with that, and I’ve done that. We are grateful for the opportunity. But times change, everything changes. Move forward and adapt, repeat.

I promise you someday the great company job you have will end abruptly. You need to perform well with what you have, and prepare for your own self reliance.

Do research. Do learn new skills. Do work consistently after the job. Do set goals. Do read the books. Do the right thing. Do invest in yourself. Do listen to audio programs. Do go after your maniac money. Do it before time runs out.