Free Audio Editor

Audacity is freeware and is available for all operating systems. That’s Linux, Windows and Mac. Search and install it.

Once you install it record a short simple sentence or two. Your spoken words will not be perfect. During the recording if you stutter , or pause because you for got what your saying, just resume and continue recording. When you have it on the screen simply delete the imperfect section. Delete the awkward pauses. You can generate silence anywhere you want.

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That’s the idea. Practice a couple times and you will get better and quicker. Export as an mp3 file. Here’s the next level; You can do the same process with video editing. Try recording yourself. Leave the imperfections until you have the video on the screen. Remove the bad sections. You can record audio or video in small parts then simply run them next to each other and make it look or sound like its a single stream.

The audio and video can be mixed together using free Video editing Software Like Openshot Video Editor. Open shot works on Linux and Windows. That’s what I use. I have both operating systems too. There is a wide selection of FREE software to choose from.

Just start using an inexpensive microphone. You probably have one laying around. I’ll find a couple examples of next level Mics for Podcasting and keeping sound free from the that nasty high pitched squeals called feedback. The most important thing is communicating clearly enough. Just be yourself.