Free Keyword Research

Keywords Everywhere is a Free Browser Add-on For Keyword Research.

Keyword research is the fundamental building block for proper SEO. (Search Engine Optimization). SEO will bring you traffic.

The Keywords Everywhere browser add-on can be easily installed on either Chrome or Firefox. The best part is that they show you monthly search volume.

Monthly Search Volume

This is an average of the total searches that people have performed for this keyword per month over the last 12 months.

Keywords Everywhere lets you find long-tail phrases.

Get “People Also Search For” data along with volume metrics.

Keywords Everywhere pulls the “People Also Search For” and “Related” keywords from Google and shows them to you with the volume metrics right inside Google’s search page.

Keywords Everywhere also lets you download the list in Excel, CSV or PDF file formats.

You will need to sign up for an API Key to use it.

They will email you the link to get your API Key. Why ?

Previous versions of Keywords Everywhere did not need an API Key for access to the keyword metrics. Due to this certain individuals sent thousands of automated requests to their servers too fast, thereby degrading performance for all users.

By ensuring that each user has their own API Key, they can limit such scenarios. By having an API key, Keywords Everywhere will work reliably for everyone.

The free keyword research tool, Keywords Everywhere will not pull data from Amazon and You Tube. It only pulls data from Google.

Only Google releases their search volume. Amazon, YouTube and other websites do not release this volume. They therefore show the Google Search volume whenever you run a search on YouTube, Amazon or other non-Google sites.

You can rely on the Google numbers instead of having to rely on an unknown algorithm that estimates those numbers.

For free keyword research just Google Keywords Everywhere and install it. Get the api key.