How to Create Videos

Attention Website Owners:

Attention Website Owners

The above Video is uploaded directly to You Tube. It came out Nice because I used a 1280 x 720 resolution in all images. The text files were that resolution. My Portrait picture is not specific resolution. It is more like a large thumbnail I made As an Avatar image some time ago. My logo on the last page is actually stretched larger than it was designed to be. The above thumbnail image is 16 x 9 ratio to fit in You Tubes player. You Tube just happened to pick it as one of three options, so I used it. It looks Great.

I think the clarity of the image alone will attract people to the video. This is a simple slide overlaid with voice audio. It is only my second attempt at creation. One issue is there is a small white border at the top of the Video. a dark border shows it well. I can change it to white and it probably wont be noticed by anyone. Ill leave a dark border for the porpuses of this documentary. One of my slide was not 1280 x 720. Each application I use has to have the option for the canvas or size to be compatible with You Tubes 16 x 9 ration.

Play ButtonPlay Button

So while the video plays the white border goes away. Notice at the end I have the gold screen with my logo. That can be a simple brand mark to put at the end of all videos. It also repeats and implants your website name so people don’t forget it. It is a silent call to action. A louder call to action example is the Download now screen. At the end of your video you may want to down load a free PDF or a digital product. You may want to apply a Purchase now button. You can create your VSL Video Sales Letter and Apply the Enter your email here and redirect to the Checkout page. The instructions for that will come in a follow up.

Before we move on to more Features and benefits I want to go over step by step made already.