Nowadays everyone should have their own website. There are free Word Press sites. If your completely new you can have a free website.

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If you are completely new, getting a free site is perfect to learn the basics. Your website is software. You need to learn and take advantage of all the free resources.

Refresh this page and look at the video above. I used a Word Press plugin to create the green border. Also the green throbbing custom play button. I made a picture of my money in Microsoft Paint.

Hover over the play button and it enlarges to max size, its a responsive play button. It encourages people on you website to click and view the video.

Clicking on it immediately changes the image to a red bam with the money picture. I made that in Microsoft Paint too. I made the very short video of myself talking. Then I made a picture of my gold dollar with red sun effect. At the very end the thumbnail reverts back to the front money picture with green borders and a replay button appears.

Green money, green play button and a green border. Its A very nice looking video thumbnail with special effects you can use to build your own unique brand. The possibilities are unlimited.