List of benefits

Clever Word Press You Tube Plugin

Specify Video Quality
Choose from Video Quality levels of 240p, 360p, 720p, and 1080p
Place an MP4 Video over your YouTube Video Seamless looping MP4 Videos are all the rage. Place one atop your video.

Create Video Tabs
Place your YouTube videos in individual Tabs & control which Tabs are visible to your users.
The plugin comes with dozens of colorful custom Play Buttons to choose from.
Turn the Video Player Controls Off or On
You decide if you’d like the video controls off or on.
Animated Sonar Effect
A JQuery effect that places an animated blue sonar under the Play Button.
Animated Icon Effect
A JQuery effect that places animated icons under the Play Button.
Play Button Motion Effects
A JQuery motion effect that gently moves the Play Button.
Video Call-To-Action
Insert any HTML or JavaScript int the plugin. And it will execute when the video is done playing.
Force Closed Captions On
Setup Closed Captions (a.k.a. “Subtitles.”) to turn on automatically.
Use Animated GIF Images
Place an Animated GIF Image atop your video.
Make Popout Videos
Popout the YouTube video in a modal window.
Add a Descriptive Paragraph
Type some text that describes your video’s contents.
Force the Video Volume Up
If your user has the video volume too low, the plugin will turn it up.
Represent the Video with any Image
Place any image you like before the video plays.
Show any Image after the Video Ends
Show any image you like when the video done playing.
Create Time Links to Jump around Your Video
Create links to different spots on the Video timeline.
Choose a Custom Video Border
Draw a custom border around the Video Player.
Play the Video when your Website Loads
Direct the YouTube video to start playing immediately when the website loads.
Specify Video Start and Stop Time
Choose the time when the video starts and stops.

Image Quality Comparison

In the below image, notice the poor quality of the YouTube thumbnail, versus the original uploaded thumbnail image. The quality is low, because YouTube downsamples your image, immediately after you upload it. But, the Clever YouTube Plugin is great because it allows you to place the original (High-Quality) image atop your video. (So you don’t have to use YouTube’s poor-quality version anymore!)

upload youtube image quality

In the next image below, we’re showing four Video Resolution settings: 144p, 240p, 360p, and 480p. Notice how the bottom video screen grab is much better than the first one. This is because the bottom video is at a 480p quality setting. With the Clever YouTube Plugin, you can specify your video’s quality setting and take control of your video quality!

compare youtube video quality 240p vs 480p
List of Instructional Videos
Video 1: In this video, we’ll discuss the three major types of online web video content: “Talking Head videos,” “Over-the-shoulder Walkthrough videos,” and “Scripted Demonstration videos.” And we’ll briefly talk about the particulars of each type.
Video 2: In this video, we’ll discuss “pro audio” and how you can setup your home computer, to start recording at near-professional levels. Then we’ll go over some tips on hiring real voice artists for very cheap.
Video 3: In this video, we’ll discuss the most common problem in web video–incorrect recording resolution. And talk about the “nuts and bolts” of Youtube. We’ll discuss how to render video, and how you can take control of the YouTube API and display beautiful videos on your website–at the maximum resolution and playback quality.
Video 4: In this video, we’ll go through the process of properly setting up your computer and screen-recording software–for the creation of over-the-shoulder walkthrough videos. And, we’ll critique some existing online videos, and discuss the mistakes that the original video authors made in the video production.
Video 5: In this video, we’ll talk about how to “sketch up” your script and storyboard. And then we’ll do a live script read. And, we’ll edit our audio with Audacity. Then, we’ll show you how to ‘master’ audio with the free web app at
Video 6: In this video, we’ll discuss movie creation using slideshow apps like Microsoft PowerPoint, And, we’ll record an example of a simple animation–using the free paint program Pixlr. We’ll also talk about how high-resolution videos can be created and posted to your website (for free) if you know a few YouTube tricks.
Video 7: In this video, we’ll gather up our media clips from our sample movie, and show you how to easily edit them together in a couple widely used Video Editing programs.
Video 8: In this video, we’ll talk about the correct way to post your video to YouTube. And, how to create a properly SEO-compliant video description–that will help your video content get noticed.