One Major Drawback

The Clever You Tube Plugin’s Effects only works on laptops and desktops. The features do not show up on tablets and smartphones.

So when you go to look at the videos on your phone, the borders and advanced buttons are not there. The video will be there and the video is responsive meaning it will shrink to fit the screen size.

The number of people now today using their phones is nearly fifty percent of potential customers.

I did ask the developer of the plugin about it. He says the Makers of tablets and smartphones cant guarantee the features will show up do to the complex nature of things.

One more thing I should tell you is the affects don’t display on You Tube’s website. You can make a screen-cast video and put it on you tube though.

So the question is: Do you or I want the features and benefits on our website specifically ?


I Own the plugin. It didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Their are still great numbers of people using laptops and desktops. On my website I want every single advantage I can use to stand out from the crowd.

Is the glass half empty or half full ? For example, If you didn’t have the plugin, then you still will have motion less , less attention getting and average and ordinary video thumbnails. The flip side is you are able to impress, get more attention to your videos and stand out from the crowd with the millions of laptop and desktops users.

When you get a chance, take a look at my website when your on your laptop. I may be a Maniac, but I will tell you the truth. Besides the Videos on my website are so much better !