Success is …

The Marines have a saying. ” Everyone wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die “.

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I can put more inspiring, success related quotes on here, but Lets just keep it simple. This particular quote makes reference to the ultimate challenge. Even though it talks about the death every one of us will face sooner or later, I believe it emphasizes the need to live at your full potential.

Most people believe in the heaven theory. However to get there, you will have to do something you’ve never done before. You and I will both walk that path some day.

Before we do, realize all the success you have already accomplished. Dig deep enough there is plenty there. I am gratefully doing my best, and I thank you for doing your best also.

Success means doing things you’ve never had to do before. Success is the feeling you get after learning a new skill. It’s accomplishing a goal you set out to do, whether its a simple task today, or one that takes years. Have faith and spread goodness. These words are for you ;

You are a soldier.